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The saga continues

While I’ve yet to actually progress on construction, I finally have everything sketched out.

dress sketch
Two shades of blue dupioni silk, with monochromatic floral embroidery.

Navy blue frock coat, with embroidery motif of leaves and acorns.
There was no possible way I was gettin’ hitched in anything but Irregular Choice

A bit of my jewelry. It’s all vintage.

Bouquet, but I’m changing it. Too neat. Needs more cowbell.

Because, really, how many excuses do you get in life to drag around eight feet of tulle?


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The dress thing

The most important task at hand – not because of any intrinsic reason, but because I need to actually finish the thing, lest we be forced to wed in some nudist encampment.

Yes, the curses of being a costumer… That you think it’s a perfectly good idea to do things like, say, drive yourself crazy making your own wedding dress.

Here is my inspiration board:

18th century inspired, but no where near historically accurate. It’ll be monochromatic blue like the top left photo, and you’d better believe I’m making a tiny tricorn to wear at the reception.

I’ve more-or-less sketched out a final design, and I’ve completed my corset, which was a good 25+ hours of work, with the hand-stitched binding, and sewn eyelets. Today I made a set of hip-length hoops, which I’ll attach a crinoline to. This was my solution to the thought that if we get Cindy’s coach, I probably couldn’t get in and out of the thing in a full hoop skirt without it turning into some sort of slapstick routine. And I don’t need a professional photographer there for that.

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Now that we tentatively have a wedding date, it’s time to start ye olde wedding blog.

Details so far:

Ceremony at the Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion
Afternoon Tea-style reception at the Grand Floridian’s Whitehall Room & Patio
Illuminations Desert Party at EPCOT

There will be no giving away, cake smashing, garter groping, bouquet tossing, or white dress. No bridesmaids, no flower girls. Unless I can find a small child to borrow. They have lots of those at Disney, right?

There will be no half-assed princess-y nonsense. My whole ass will be princess-y.

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