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I ‘plussed’ my bouquet

There. I feel better now.


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I can’t believe they got 26 yards of fabric in a flat-rate Priority box. That is skill.

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something must be wrong

The mock-up is FINISHED! The whole thing went suspiciously smoothly; Absolutely nothing went wrong, and the sleeves, the only part I really had to draft, came out just as I wanted on the first try. It even took exactly as much fabric as I estimated.

I am either incredibly lucky, or incredibly good. As I know well that I have undeniably bad luck, I can only surmise that I am awesome.

Here are the sleeves, which make me feel fabulous.

A better photo of the back. You can see here there’s a lot of fabric puddling on the ground – There will be a small train in the back, and I haven’t cut that piece to the proper length yet.

Now I get to order my silk, and take next weekend off!

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inside and pleats

OK, not particularly, but I’ve been doing a lot of it.

bottom layer

Things have been coming along really well. Here you can see the first layer of the dress. I made it in the 18th century technique, which is so easy and makes you feel all accomplished afterwards. Nigel likes it, too.


Here’s a horrible photo of the next two layers. It came out just as I’d hoped on the first try. Thus far, it’s actually been a really easy project, there’s just SO MUCH FABRIC, so it’s unwieldy.

This weekend, I’ll draft the sleeves, and the toile will be done!

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