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The last piece of the dress is assembled!

I didn’t get as much embroidery done this weekend as I would’ve liked, as I wound up reworking the design a bit first, and then had to spend this morning getting hacked code off my websites!

In other news, we’ve decided to take a trip down to Florida in September. I really didn’t want to spend any unnecessary money before the wedding, but since the Adventurer’s Club closing gives us an excuse to go down for a planning session at Disney… Or is it the other way around?! I was stressed about it, but now I’m pretty excited, as our photographers are free for a session while we’re down there. Now we get to have even more amazing photos! 🙂


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Well, this is an entirely LATE dress update, considering this all happened two weeks ago, but, uh… Look! Pictures!

Please pay no attention to the fact that things are lopsided. Another update soon!

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