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It’s finished!

OK, mostly finished. I’m still waiting for some tiny Swarovski crystals to arrive.

Now I just have, um, everything else to do.


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Une petite update

No, it’s still not quiiiiiite done, but here’s a little finished embroidery.

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The last piece of the dress is assembled!

I didn’t get as much embroidery done this weekend as I would’ve liked, as I wound up reworking the design a bit first, and then had to spend this morning getting hacked code off my websites!

In other news, we’ve decided to take a trip down to Florida in September. I really didn’t want to spend any unnecessary money before the wedding, but since the Adventurer’s Club closing gives us an excuse to go down for a planning session at Disney… Or is it the other way around?! I was stressed about it, but now I’m pretty excited, as our photographers are free for a session while we’re down there. Now we get to have even more amazing photos! 🙂

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Well, this is an entirely LATE dress update, considering this all happened two weeks ago, but, uh… Look! Pictures!

Please pay no attention to the fact that things are lopsided. Another update soon!

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OK, I haven’t made a dress update in a while. Mostly because I haven’t accomplished that much due to spending an unfortunate amount of weekends in Ohio.

I have finished the bottom layer of the dress, but I’ve been too lazy to put on my stays and get a picture.

I’ve been order supplies so that I can get started on the embroidery soon – beautiful silk threads from Yodamo, and tiny satin sequins from Cartwright’s.

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I can’t believe they got 26 yards of fabric in a flat-rate Priority box. That is skill.

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something must be wrong

The mock-up is FINISHED! The whole thing went suspiciously smoothly; Absolutely nothing went wrong, and the sleeves, the only part I really had to draft, came out just as I wanted on the first try. It even took exactly as much fabric as I estimated.

I am either incredibly lucky, or incredibly good. As I know well that I have undeniably bad luck, I can only surmise that I am awesome.

Here are the sleeves, which make me feel fabulous.

A better photo of the back. You can see here there’s a lot of fabric puddling on the ground – There will be a small train in the back, and I haven’t cut that piece to the proper length yet.

Now I get to order my silk, and take next weekend off!

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