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Une petite update

No, it’s still not quiiiiiite done, but here’s a little finished embroidery.


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something must be wrong

The mock-up is FINISHED! The whole thing went suspiciously smoothly; Absolutely nothing went wrong, and the sleeves, the only part I really had to draft, came out just as I wanted on the first try. It even took exactly as much fabric as I estimated.

I am either incredibly lucky, or incredibly good. As I know well that I have undeniably bad luck, I can only surmise that I am awesome.

Here are the sleeves, which make me feel fabulous.

A better photo of the back. You can see here there’s a lot of fabric puddling on the ground – There will be a small train in the back, and I haven’t cut that piece to the proper length yet.

Now I get to order my silk, and take next weekend off!

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inside and pleats

OK, not particularly, but I’ve been doing a lot of it.

bottom layer

Things have been coming along really well. Here you can see the first layer of the dress. I made it in the 18th century technique, which is so easy and makes you feel all accomplished afterwards. Nigel likes it, too.


Here’s a horrible photo of the next two layers. It came out just as I’d hoped on the first try. Thus far, it’s actually been a really easy project, there’s just SO MUCH FABRIC, so it’s unwieldy.

This weekend, I’ll draft the sleeves, and the toile will be done!

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The saga continues

While I’ve yet to actually progress on construction, I finally have everything sketched out.

dress sketch
Two shades of blue dupioni silk, with monochromatic floral embroidery.

Navy blue frock coat, with embroidery motif of leaves and acorns.
There was no possible way I was gettin’ hitched in anything but Irregular Choice

A bit of my jewelry. It’s all vintage.

Bouquet, but I’m changing it. Too neat. Needs more cowbell.

Because, really, how many excuses do you get in life to drag around eight feet of tulle?

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